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North 5 is considered the Minnesota State Lottery's most winnable game. With a simple 1-31 guess matrix, North 5 offers the best odds of any Minnesota lottery. You can play North 5 online at theLotter Minnesota!

How to Play NorthStar Cash

How to Play North 5

To play North 5, choose 5 main numbers from a guess range of 1-31. Choose the number of North 5 lines you want and how many draws you want to play.

North 5 drawings take place daily at 6:17 p.m. CT. Make sure to get your North 5 tickets in time for the next draw!

How to Play Northstar Cash Online

How to Play North 5 Online

To play the North 5 lottery online, fill out your tickets in the same manner as if purchasing them in a store. Select the numbers yourself, or use our Quick Pick feature to generate an automatic selection. When you buy official Minnesota North 5 lottery tickets online with theLotter Minnesota, you will see a scanned copy of them in your private account before the draw.

How to Win Northstar Cash

How to Win North 5

If you match all 5 main numbers selected in the draw, you win the Minnesota North 5 jackpot! If some of your numbers are a match, you could be eligible to win prizes in the lottery’s three additional prize categories.

The North 5 jackpot starts out at a guaranteed $25,000 and there is no jackpot cap. The highest North 5 jackpot ever awarded was $236,073. North 5 is considered Minnesota's most winnable lottery and the jackpot is won once per week on average. The odds of winning the North 5 jackpot are an incredibly favorable 1 in 169,911. The approximate overall odds of winning any North 5 prize are 1 in 6.

How to Win Northstar Cash Online

How to Win North 5 Online

When you win a prize playing the Minnesota North 5 lottery online, you will be notified by our staff via email and SMS. North 5 prizes of up to $600 will be promptly paid into your personal account after they are received from the Minnesota Lottery. You will need to collect North 5 prizes over $600 in person at Minnesota State Lottery offices. North 5 lottery winnings are subject to tax.

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