Minnesota Pick 3 Lottery Draw Results

Winning Numbers

  • 628

Prize Breakdown

Match Multiple Plays Payout
Back Pair $ 25
Box 3 Way $ 80
Box 6 Way $ 40
First Digit $ 2.50
Front Pair $ 25
Straight $ 250
Straight/Box 3Way (Box Match) $ 80
Straight/Box 3Way (Straight Match) $ 330
Straight/Box 6Way (Straight Match) $ 290
Straight/Box 6Way (Box Match) $ 40
The prize payouts are based on a $0.50 bet.
The Straight/Box prize payouts are based on a $0.50 bet.

Lottery Information

Guess Range 3/0-9
Offered In Minnesota, USA
(Local time)
Jackpot Type CASH
Tax Requirement Lottery prizes are subject to taxation at source. There are two tax bands. Tax Band 1: Tax-free up to $4,999.99. Tax Band 2: Any prize over $5,000 is subject to a federal tax rate of 24% and a state tax rate of 7.25%. Non-resident aliens in Minnesota are required to pay a federal tax rate of 30% and a state tax rate of 7.25% on prizes over $5,000.

Winning Odds

Match Multiple Plays Winning Odds
Back Pair 1:100
Box 3Way 1:333
Box 6Way 1:167
First Digit 1:10
Front Pair 1:100
Straight 1:1,000
Straight/Box 3Way (Straight Match) 1:1,000
Straight/Box 3Way (Box Match) 1:333
Straight/Box 6Way (Straight Match) 1:1,000
Straight/Box 6Way (Box Match) 1:167
Check the Minnesota Pick 3 Winning Numbers

Check the Minnesota Pick 3 Winning Numbers

Did your numbers come up in the latest Pick 3 lottery draw? Check out the results of the daily Minnesota Pick 3 lottery posted on this page, with the winning combinations, to see if you are a winner, and how much you have won! You can rest assured that we will notify you of your winnings - by email and/or SMS.

Did You Win a Pick 3 Prize?

Did You Win a Pick 3 Prize?

In Pick 3, there are eight different bet types to choose from, allowing you to pick the option with your desired odds. The type of bet placed appears at the top of your ticket. You may have won a prize betting a Pick 3 Box, or a Pick 3 Straight. If you win, we'll notify you immediately! Prizes up to $600 will be transferred to your account shortly after the draw, while in the case of higher prizes, we'll arrange for you to receive your winning ticket so that you can claim your prize in person at a licensed Minnesota Lottery retailer.

For more information about Pick 3, visit the official Minnesota Lottery website.