How Pick Lotteries Work

Looking to play a draw game that is as easy as 1-2-3?

Then Pick lotteries are perfect for you! There are so many options to boost your chances of winning it’s hard not to give it a try! So put your lucky numbers to the test and play your way, every day!

What Is a Pick Lottery

What is a Pick Lottery?

A Pick Lottery is a daily draw that gives you more than one chance to win with easy and likable odds.

To play Minnesota's exciting Pick-3 game, simply select between 3 numbers from a range of 0-9, choosing between different bet types such as; Straight, Box, Straight/Box, Front Pair, Back Pair, or First Digit.

Why Should You Play Pick Lotteries?

  • Easy to play, multiple ways to win
  • Small guess range
  • Quick results
  • Play as much as you want

How Pick Lotteries Work

How Do You Play Pick Lotteries?

  1. Pick a number 0 through 9 in every column of the ticket. Three numbers in total on your ticket. The numbers picked can be three different numbers or they can be duplicated in a single play. For example: '637', ' 009' or '337'. You can also use the Quick Pick option which chooses all your numbers randomly. If you don’t finish filling in your form, Quick Pick will complete it for you.

  2. The next step is choosing a bet type, and there are several to choose from: Straight, Box, Straight/Box, Front Pair, Back Pair, or First Digit.

  3. Once you have chosen your numbers and play type, the next step is selecting the amount of your wager.

  4. Confirm your order.

How Do You Win Pick Lotteries?

The way to win a Pick lottery is to match all of the winning numbers drawn in the official Pick lottery drawing for the date you played. Here’s how to win using the different play types:

Play Type Winning Combination


Players must match all numbers in the EXACT ORDER as drawn.


Players can match the numbers drawn in ANY ORDER.


Players can match either the EXACT numbers and/or in ANY ORDER.

Front Pair

Players must match the first two numbers in the EXACT ORDER as drawn.

Back Pair

Players must match the last two numbers in the EXACT ORDER as drawn.

First Digit

Players must match the FIRST DIGIT in the numbers drawn.


Did you win? Check the latest Pick 3 draw results to see if you won a prize, but don't worry - we'll notify you if you do!

When you play Minnesota Pick 3, you have multiple ways to play, multiple ways to win. Minnesota Pick 3 draws take place daily at 6:17 p.m. Make sure to get your Pick 3 tickets in time for the next draw! Good luck!