6 Reasons Why Playing Minnesota Lotteries Online Is Better Than at a Retailer

While millions of players nationwide still buy lottery tickets at their local retailer, many are starting to play smart by bringing their lottery play online. So, is it better to play the lottery online? Discover all the advantages you’ll get by playing your favorite Minnesota lotteries at theLotter Minnesota, an online ticket messenger service dedicated to making your lottery experience more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable than ever before!

#1. Convenience Is Key

When you’re debating whether it’s better to play the lottery online, one of the most obvious advantages is the accessibility that comes with it. Instead of taking time out of your day to wait in line to buy your tickets, you have the option of purchasing your tickets from any place, and at any time of day. Whether it be during your morning commute or in the middle of the night, you’ll always have access to Minnesota’s most popular lotteries!

#2. Ticket Safety First

Have you ever struggled to find a lottery ticket in the ever-growing pile of junk in your drawer? Or maybe you stuffed it inside the pocket of a pair of jeans? Or left it in the glove compartment of your car? When a huge jackpot prize is at stake, you don’t want your lottery ticket performing a disappearing act on you!

Playing Minnesota lotteries online makes playing your favorite games stress-free and eliminates any chances of misplacing a ticket when you want to collect your prize! After your official lottery ticket is purchased online at theLotter Minnesota, it is immediately scanned into your online account for 24/7 access and proof of ownership. It will also prevent your lottery ticket from ever being ruined or stolen. The physical ticket will be kept in a secure vault until the time of the draw. You will never lose your winning ticket!

#3. Never Miss Out On a Draw

It’s difficult to remember to buy tickets while trying to balance our busy lives. Whether it’s work, school, kids, the weather or a combination of all four; making the extra time to go down to the shop to buy your lottery tickets can be hard. Another reason why playing the lottery online is better is that you can get time-saving playing options that are simply unavailable at retailers. Subscribe to your favorite Minnesota lotteries to be automatically entered into every draw until you decide to cancel it. Subscription packages are the easiest way to ensure you’re never missing out on a huge prize. If you’re not 100% committed, you can try playing with a multi-draw package. Multi-draw packages let you participate in a consecutive set of draws ranging from 5, 10, 25, or 52 draws. These online-exclusive features are surefire ways to save you time, gas, and if you're going to beat the Mega Millions jackpot odds you won't want to miss a single draw!

#4. Stay on Top of Your Spending

When there are so many great jackpot prizes, it’s hard to keep track of how much you’re spending on lottery tickets. Tallying up receipts is never fun and takes up time that nobody has. Purchasing your lottery tickets online lets you see all of your transaction details in one place, including how many lottery tickets you’ve bought, purchase dates and times, and how much money you’ve spent. theLotter Minnesota also offers customers features such as a spending limit and deposit limit to help keep you and your bank account in check!

#5. Get Notified

It’s common knowledge that most of us forget to check the draw results, or even that we bought a lottery ticket in the first place. This leads us to the next advantage of playing lotteries online: you’ll get notified every time you win! The moment you successfully match enough numbers to win a prize, theLotter Minnesota will immediately send you an SMS or email notifying you of your lucky lottery ticket. You can also elect to receive alerts for draw results and high jackpots of all your favorite lotteries. Say farewell to forgetting to check your tickets and hello to saving time and prize money!

#6. Cash Out Secondary Prizes Immediately

get prizes immediately

According to lottery expert Bret Jacobson, around $2 billion in lottery prizes go unclaimed every year. While many people forgo winnings too small due to the hassle of claiming them, some people miss out on thousands by forgetting to check their numbers or claim their prizes. In this aspect, playing the lottery online is much better option, especially for people who lead busy lives, as all of your secondary prize winnings are automatically transferred into your online account for withdrawal. Winning a jackpot prize will require you to collect your prize in person. theLotter Minnesota will be more than happy to provide you with any assistance you may need to claim your top prize!

Is Playing Minnesota Lotteries Online Actually Better? You Bet It Is!

As you probably can already tell, going digital will make playing your favorite state lotteries fun again by saving you countless hours and some serious bucks! At theLotter Minnesota, you’ll be able to enter America’s biggest draws, including Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto America, North 5, and Gopher 5 at the click of a button from anywhere and at any time!